Weekly Acting Classes, and Workshops – 2019 !!

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong,
you will never create anything original.”
— Sir Ken Robinson

(Upper-Left Westchester County, NY)

Westchester Collaborative Theater
23 Water Street
Ossining, NY  10562

Announcing Next Class . . .


8 Mondays in June, July & August

(June 10, 17, 24, July 1, 8, 22, 29, August 5 )

( *** NO CLASS on Monday, JULY 15th *** )

7:00pm – 10:30pm
Westchester Collaborative Theatre

23 Water Street
Ossining, NY 10562
(Westchester County)

(Use #25 Water Street for GPS)
(We’re up the ramp between #21 & #25)

About Bob’s Classes . . .

“The objective is to prepare actors . . .
– to be physically spontaneous and uninhibited.
(trusting the body’s instinctive, pre-socialized responses)
– to be vocally accomplished.
(doing ALL the work for the listener: every spoken sound to every ear)
– to be emotionally accessible.
(allow ALL emotions to co-exist ~ don’t pick and choose)
Combined, these skills can enable an actor to steer the audience’ eyes and thoughts.”

Each acting class begins with a group exercise which supports and/or builds upon the ideal of partnership and/or ensemble. When scene work, or monologue work, is presented in class, the work is shown, notes are given by Bob and then by the rest of the class. All students, observing the work in class, are encouraged to recognize techniques, methods and notes that were successfully applied by their classmate(s), and to clearly articulate their positive feedback. An actor may be assigned individuated exercises, addressing specific issues.

***((Re-discovering and free-ing one’s pre-socialized impulses is the core of CLOWN work. In acting classes, you will be, tangentially, introduced to some of the concepts of CLOWN work.  To address any curiosity you may have regarding your own ‘Unique Little Creature Waiting Inside You’ . . . . ‘That Generator of All Things Exciting, Important & FUN’ . . . . ‘That Creative Energy Yearning to Burst Forth’ . . . . A CLOWN Workshop will be offered 2-4 times per year.))

(More about Bob on the “Bio” page.)


Cost:   Special Price Deal Through WCT

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(This OSSINING Location is also IDEAL for Manhattan-ites.
A Minute-and-a-half walk from the
Ossining Metro North Station:
1st EXPRESS STOP from Grand Central – 42 Minutes.
AND . . . deduct a portion of your train fare from class cost !!)

Check Back Regularly for
Westchester Locations Other Than WCT
Advanced/Intermediate Classes
Monthly Rate (4 Classes):   $275

Monthly Rate:   $220

This SPECIAL OFFER Rate is in Effect 
As Long As You Maintain Continuous,
Un-Interrupted Monthly Enrollment

In The Same Class.

***Private Coaching***

1 Person:  $50 per 1st 90 Minutes,
$35 Each Additional Hour

2 Persons:  $75 per 1st 90 Minutes,
$35 Each Additional Hour

3+ Persons:  Email me, we’ll talk
(I Will Tailor the Time to Your Needs)


Workshops & Private Coaching
– Scenes, Monologues and/or Text Analysis –

– Scansion: Discover Shakespeare’s Direction –
– “It’s the TEXT . . . not subtext” –

Private Coaching
1 Person:  $50 1st 90 Minutes,
$35 Each Additional Hour

2 Persons:  $75 per Hour

Any Questions? Send Bob a Note.


Ultimately, our job (yours and mine)
is to discover, and nurture,
Your Acting Process.”
Bob Rogerson  ~

Voice & Speech