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About Classes . . .

Classes are for Intermediate and Advanced Actors who are 17+ years of age.  At least one monologue should be memorized and ready to present on the first day of class.  (TWO would be Better.  And if one of your monologues is from Shakespeare, you will learn more than the others.)  Scenes will be chosen or assigned on first day of class.

Bob does not subscribe to any ‘one-note-fits-all’ approach to acting (with one exception – Truth Always).


The primary aim of Acting Class is to combine a character’s emotional, physical and imaginative life with the technical abilities required to realize that character to its maximum potential. This is accomplished through Scene Study, Monologue Work and Exercises: identifying and applying appropriate choices that are grounded in the text; and creating a connection to the acting partner.

Class work consists of applying traditional and new techniques. Students will be become familiar with exercises from the following categories: Acting (Stanislavski, Meisner, . . . ); Voice and Ear-Training (Skinner, Fitzmaurice, Linklater, . . . ); Movement (Laban, Lecoq, Commedia, . . . ); Alexander Technique; Text Analysis; and Breath Control.  

Each student receives individuated instruction. Class participants will be exposed to a deeper approach to learning the Craft of Acting, and will learn to apply a broader rehearsal ‘skill set’ – within which they will learn to play and create.

(Keep in mind that Acting is an On-Going process of ‘Learning, Applying, Feedback, Repeat.’
It cannot be learned in one 8-Class session.)

However, you will be more knowledgeable, and possess more craft!


Get out of your Head  . . .  Jump into your BODY!!

Through Exploration, Play, Adventure, Outrageously Heroic Feats of Messy Stupidity, Song and Whatever-Else-We-Can-Think-Of-To-Throw-Into-The-Mix, . . . You Will Re-Discover That Unique Little Creature Inside You . . . That Generator of All Things Exciting & Important & Fun . . . That Volcano of Creative Energy Yearning to Burst Forth . . . 

!!   YOUR CLOWN   !!

Re-Discover your Pre-Socialized Self

What were your original instinctive
‘Physical’ & ‘Vocal’ impulses
before you heard your first socializing
“Don’t!”, “Not here!”, “Shhhh!”, “Stop!”,
et cetera?

How much of what you ‘do’
is filtered through your brain?

Be part of a Creative Mess to Remember.
There will be Softening, Silliness & Singing.
Exercise your HaHa!
Jump Into Your Body!!
Follow Your Original Natural Impulses!!!

“Be Faster Than Your Worry
And Louder Than Your Critic”
– Christopher Bayes –


About Bob . . .

–  has appeared in over 100 professional stage productions.
–  is a proud member of Actors Equity Association and SAG-AFTRA.
–  received an MFA from DC’s Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Academy for Classical Acting.
–  received a BFA (Directing) from the University of Miami, FL.
–  recently completed a two-year CLOWN apprenticeship with Master Clown Teacher Christopher Bayes
———-~  ALL of Chris’ 2-Year Clown Programs at both Yale and Juilliard.
–  has been teaching for 20+ years.
———-~  Most Popular Classes include Acting;  Voice & Speech;  Monologue Bootcamp;  and  Clown.

Bob also teaches/coaches the following: Audition Techniques;  Dialects;  Improvisation As An Actor’s Tool;  Actions, Objectives & Tactics;  Scansion & Speaking Shakespeare;  Shakespeare Text Analysis;

Professor Rogerson has taught for Universities (University of Miami, FL;  New World School for the Arts-College, FL;  American University, DC;  Christopher Newport University, VA), AND for High Schools (New World School for the Arts-High School, FL; Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts, DC), AND for Acting Studios,  Acting Conferences and Workshops

Improve the actor’s art of story-telling;
Train students to be enthusiastic and equal
participants in theatrical collaboration;
Instill in them the confidence, skills and passion to acknowledge
and realize their potential for their roles in theatre and life.
– Bob Rogerson –



Curriculum Vitae

NYC Acting Studios – Learning:
– Terry Schreiber –
– Vivian Matalon –

– Michael Howard –
– Dennis Miller –

More Learning:
Christopher Bayes/CLOWN

Apprentice to
Master Clown Teacher
– Christopher Bayes –
at Yale & Juilliard / 2014-’16

The George Washington University, DC
MFA:  Shakespeare Theatre Company’s
Academy for Classical Acting
– Michael Kahn –
(Acting the Classics)
– Catherine Weidner –
(Acting Shakespeare)
– Maria Aitken –
(High Comedy)
– Isabelle Anderson –

(Jacques Lecoq: Movement & Masks)
– Gary Logan –
(Voice – Speech – IPA)

University of Miami, FL
BFA:  Drama & Directing

The Actor’s Process –  
 Professional Actors’ Workshop
Co-Founder & Facilitator ♦ Miami, FL  

New World School for the Arts –  (’03-’05)  
    Professor of Acting & Improv ♦ Miami, FL  

– University of Miami –  (’04-’05)  
Lecturer/Acting: Scenes ♦ Miami, FL  

– Duke Ellington School for the Arts –  (’07-’09)  
Teaching Artist ♦ Washington, DC  

– American University –  (’08-’09)  
Teaching Artist ♦ Washington, DC  

– Christopher Newport University –  (’09-’13)  
Professor of Acting/Voice & Speech/Shakespeare  
♦ Newport News, VA

– Acting Workshops –  (’05->  )

– Emotional Workshops –  (’13->   )

– Clown Workshops –  (’16->  )

“Actors should find the most options as possible, within each moment on stage.
There are many . . . ”

Voice & Speech